APRIL 2016

Vancouver Marina uses Silvagrip for their stairway.  Fast and easy installation for safety.

 “We currently have Silvagrip installed on walkways on three boats to improve the safety of our crew.  After a year of use the product has had no issues and the crews
like it.  It was easy to install and has not
worn down at all which happened
with other products”.

Ryan Kelly, Port Engineer
Houston Pilots

April 2017

January 2016

SILVAGRIPWEST now offers custom colours. Available in a wide range of industry colours


november 2015

SILVAGRIPWEST exhibited at Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, WA. 

Silvagrip Peel n' Stick Non-Skid Solution

Silvagrip® is a new revolutionary patent-pending, peel and stick non-skid product used to increase safety and lower the incidence of slip hazards in the workplace.

It is a product of Silva Non Skid Solutions LLC.  Silvagrip is available
through its distributor, SILVAGRIPWEST.

See http://www.silvanonskidsolutions.com/ for more information.

What's New


Longest Lasting Non-Skid Peel n' Skid Available - 10 Years Plus!

JULY 2016

Three years later this installation is still performing as year one.





Applicable to Many Industries


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november 2014

Read an article about Silvagrip in the November issue of BC Shipping News Magazine.

(page 53)

Silvagrip® is About Safety